2020 AEX Annual Report: Riding the Wind and Waves

The uncertain year 2020 has come to an end. The year of sorrow and excitement is always the end of the wind and waves.

Before the festive season at the end of the year, it is best to review the highlights of AEX in 2020.

  • 02.11 AEX helps users to fight against COVID-19, 30,000 masks support the society
  • 03.18 Co-initiated the Support Plan for Enterprises to Fight COVID-19 Together to help blockchain innovative enterprises to resume work and grow quickly
  • 03.25 Launched VIP customer equity system, focusing on serving value investors
  • 04.16 The financial sector was newly upgraded
  • 06.01 Cooperate with ARPA to hold a charity painting fundraising event
  • 07.10 The 7th anniversary of AEX, the return of the glory of the AEX
  • 07.10 AEX officially confirmed the Chinese name An Yin to open a new direction for digital asset management
  • 07.29 AEX reopens a new official Twitter account to better connect with overseas users
  • 08.20 The miner’s family bucket business was officially launched, and the mining industry chain layout was established.
  • 08.23 The first private banquet for VIP customers was successfully held in Chengdu
  • 08.27 The “Robust Version” Contracts trading was launched
  • 08.28 The first to launch DeFi Vault Pool Mining, open Defi hotspots to grab the beach
  • 09.24 Issue GAT cross-chain assets on the ERC20 chain to guide the rapid development of the industry
  • 10.21 Co-hosted PolkaVerse
  • 10.31 Shanghai Private Banquet with VIP customers was a complete success
  • 11.21 Hangzhou Private Banquet with VIP customers
  • 11.27 AEX brand ambassador “An An” officially unveiled
  • 11.28 Launched ASwap, super-high annualized for first mining
  • 12.01 Launched ETH2.0, users share millions of limited-time rewards
  • 12.21 AEX Texas Hold’em Competition is hotly launched, and the limited-time competition detonates the entire network
  • 12.26 Won the title of Annual Best Digital Financial Service Platform and Annual Top 100 Blockchain Companies issued by Jinse Finance

Happy New Year!

Let us look forward to the excitement of 2021!

❤️Want to continue spending the 8th year with you❤️

AEX Team

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