【AEX Activity Description】10,000 ETH @Vitalik Buterin in Twitter

More details: https://www.aex.plus/page/as_wap.html

ASwap ETH2.0 is officially launched!

10,000 ETH @Vitalik Buterin! Share 300,000 GAT on Christmas!

About time, you should know:

Event deadline: 2020/12/24 18:00 (UTC+8)
Reward Claim Deadline: 2020/12/31 10:00 (UTC+8)

How individual to participate in: Follow @aexplus + RT this tweet + @3 friends + “@VitalikButerin You are wanted”

How the project parties/institution participate in: RT this Twitter + @3 friends, and explain how much ETH you are willing to stake in ETH 2.0, and attach

“We also promise that we will stake XXX ETH to ETH2.0 on 2020/xx/xx.”

Success, share 300,000 $GAT:

Once Vitalik Buterin RT this tweet related to you
1⃣️ AEX will provide 300,000 GAT in the prize pool. All accounts retweet this success Twitter can share 300,000 GAT.
2⃣️ AEX will take out 10,000 ETH in ETH2.0 staking
For example: if A RT this tweet, then B RT A’s, C RT B’s, and finally Vitalik Buterin RT C’s. Then D and E RT Vitalik Buterin’s, then A, B, and C can share 300,000 GAT, D and E have no reward.

Failed, share 30,000 $GAT:

Vitalik Buterin do not RT this tweet. The person with the longest forwarding chain is invited to claim the reward. The organizer(AEX) selects the longest chain among the claimants, and everyone on this forwarding chain will share 30,000 GAT.
For example: if A RT the tweet, then B RT A, C RT B, and D RT C. After the event time ends, A, B, C, and D become the longest transmission chain. As long as one person in A/B/C/D claims the reward, the organizer(AEX) verifies that no other claimants have a greater spread influence than the chain of A, then A, B, C and D will share 30,000 GAT

Most importantly, if is successful, ETH2.0 will added 10,000 ETH from AEX.

How to claim?

Activity Details:

  1. The distribution of event rewards requires participants to provide AEX ID to receive rewards.
  2. All the above activity rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the activity ends.
  3. AEX has the final right to interpret this event, and prohibits all cheating, fraud and other improper behaviors, and the platform has the right to cancel its reward qualification
  4. ASwap ETH2.0 link: https://www.aex.plus/page/as_wap.html

AEX Team

AEX: Your Best Asset Guardian

About AEX:
AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and digital currency trading since 2013.

Contact us:
Website: https://www.aex.com/#/en
Twitter: @aexplus
Medium: https://aexplus.medium.com/
Weibo: AEX安银


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