Dear Community,
Thanks all for participating in our AEX Exchange AMA. We really appreciate all your support. There were really good and thoughtful questions that were asked. For those who missed our AMA, this blog post is for you.

Twitter Questions

Q1. What does it offer to beginning users who don’t have much knowledge about AEX? Is there any informative material that can facilitate the use of the AEX?

Q2. Can you explain the ETH2.0 pledge service launched by AEX? What are the advantages of ASwap’s ETH/ETH2 market making for liquidity mining?

Why you chose AEX ETH2.0

Q3. How can we make transactions on the AEX EXCHANGE what requirements we have to meet. Is there a process of filling in personal data (KYC) for out of state from the Aex exchange project ?

Q4. As a trader like me, the security of my funds is my first priority before choosing any exchange for trading. How much secure AEX is?

Q5. Explain your plans on global expansion,is it only market you are focusing All the time,And you focus on building or developing and getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Telegram Questions

Q6. How you intend to outperform similar CEXes and what are your competitive advantages over most?

Q7. How do you plan to promote about your project in different countries where English is not spoken very well? Do you have a local community so they can understand your project?

Q8. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to BitShares ? Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world specially as a new project entering to crypto. What are the plans to increase awareness about BitShares around in non-crypto space? And which region is in your mind?

Q9. Has COVID19 somehow slowed down AEX Exchange’s progress as an exchange and how?

Q10. What is the listing process of AEX? How many criteria for a project to be listed on AEX, and how does AEX choose projects to be listed to compete with other exchanges?


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