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NFT Bucked the Trend, the Weekly Investment Return on TLM Exceeded 100%

NFT has a excllent performance recently. From the market value curve chart, it seems that a new round of explosion is brewing. NFT (Non-fungible Token) refers to digital assets with unique characteristics.

Examples of NFT include crypto artwork, collectibles, game items, financial products, and more.The NFT tokens market cap for today is $16,224,584,192.35 with a total trading volume of $5,566,496,399.50 in the last 24 hours。Alien Worlds (TLM), which launched in AEX yesterday, is the metaverse of NFT DeFi, which can simulate economic competition and cooperation between players.

Players can mine TLM though obtaining NFT (virtual game items) to fight and complete tasks in the game. The investment return on TLM in the past week has exceeded 100%. Open to find out if you are interested, and there will be experience items.

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