AEX Operation Weekly Report (10.10–10.16)

The 120th (2020/10/10–2020/10/16)

1. AEX

Founded in 2013, AEX is a global digital asset trading service platform dedicated to building a trustworthy digital asset bank for millions of users. Since its establishment, AEX has held the principle of neutrality and do not be evil, advocates safe investment and stable value-added.

2. GAT Ecology

GAT is a global token officially launched by AEX, with a total circulation of 23 billion without inflation. Since its launch, the GAT ecosystem has been developing vigorously and has achieved more than 12 ecological construction results, more plans to be launched in the future.

Global market capitalization: ¥356 million
Current currency price: ¥0.0256
Total circulation: 13,895,519,572 GAT

On Oct 16, AEX announced the 120th GAT Buyback and Burning Announcement, with a total of 5,158,579 GAT burned during this period. For now, the sum total of 1,904,480,428 GAT have been burned.

3. AEX New Listing

From Otc 10th to Otc 16th, in order to provide users with more trading currency choices, NU,FIL,PGT,PLOT,DAI and DODO are officially launched on the AEX USDT zone observation board, now these trading pairs are currently available.

On October 16th, in order to provide a high-quality trading experience, AEX Announced the FIL (Filecoin) digital asset service simultaneously, and launched FIL financial saving product, providing FIL lending services, financial management annualized 158%, staking 0 interest rate, loan currency daily interest rate is 0.50%.

4. AEX News

On October 12th, AEX has replaced all LEND with AAVE according to 100LEND:1AAVE and issued it.

On October 14th, AEX and AKA community AMA | Explore the third way of defi. During the AMA, AEX-Jiu Ge discussed the changes brought about by the current DEFI investment trend.

On September 28th, the AEX Security Weekly Update show AEX’s Chat was launched, and the video content was simultaneously uploaded and updated to Bilibili, Weibo and other channels. The number of fans at Station B has exceeded 1,000.

On October 15th, the AEX Brand Group, AEX Overseas Group and Token Damo invited the founder of Curve, Michael Egorov conducted an AMA on the “The Another Side of Curve”. This AMA is the first AMA in Chinese community for Curve’s founder-Michael Egorov. More info in

On October 16, AEX invited Lai Chuhang, the founder of the IPFS Chinese community, to conduct an AMA on the topic of “Opportunities and Challenges after the Filecoin Mainnet Launch”.

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