AEX Operation Weekly Report (3.8–3.14)

The 139th (2021/3/8–2021/3/14)

1. AEX

2. GAT Ecology

Global market capitalization: ¥2.509 billion
Current currency price: ¥ 0.1699
Total circulation: 13,673,185,427 GAT

On March 12, 2021, AEX issued the 139th GAT repurchase and destruction announcement. In this period, a total of 9,772,228 GAT were repurchased and destroyed, and a total of 2,126,814,573 GAT have been sold.The whole report can click here.

3. AEX New Listing

AEX lists BDP, BNB, HAPI and simultaneously opens USDT trading pairs

AEX DeFi Mining Pool adds BNB

AEX ASWAP adds new mining reward liquidity pools

4. AEX News

AEX completes XEM airdrop snapshot and resumes XEM deposit and withdrawal announcement

Announcement on the resumption of KEEP deposit of AEX

AEX Suspends SERO Deposit and Withdrawal Service

AEX releases February financial operations monthly report

AEX Co-organized the 312 Reminiscences of Cryptocurrency Industry

AEX launches WeChat video account: The AEX Talk

AEX held a AMA with Sifchain about full-chain DEX to foresee the future of DeFi

AEX updated the video of Xiao An’s Talk

AEX updated the video of The AEX Show

AEX lists BNB, enjoy 248,88GAT airdrop

AEX releases anti-fraud announcement

AEX releases the video: The Young’s First Bitcoin

AEX invites friends to borrow money, enjoy 20% commission, up to 8760GAT reward

Announcement of AEX on the exchange of some trading pairs

AEX has issued ASwap Year of the Ox Gifts, Share 2000USDT Rewards activity rewards

AEX has issued Invite Friends to Manage Finance, Share DOGE Airdrops activity rewards

AEX’s Twitter forwarded XEM trading competition event rewards

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