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AEX launches the activity of “Invite Friends to Win Rewards Good Gifts Waiting for You!”. Users are welcome to actively participate~

Up to 60.5% Annualized Savings, Enjoy 0 Interest Lending

Activity Time: 2021–8–17 to 2021–8–31 (UTC)

During the activity, users will be ranked based on their invitation amount. An invited friend that the investment is greater or equal to 100 USDT in DeFi pool/ term amount(non-transferential target), or he/she borrows more than or equal to 100 USDT(Borrowing for at least 3 days), which will be regarded as an effective user. Users will get the corresponding rewards based on the following form:


  • The invited user just need to fulfill any one task(saving or loan) equal to 100 USDT(Borrowing for at least 3 days) to get the reward;
  • During the activity, if inviters withdraw currency, as agreed to give up qualification;
  • Only show the winner,The rank will be in this announcement, and we will publish at 5 PM every day.
  • If someone has the same invitation amount as others, we will rank based the chronological order.

Except for the reward above, users that invite friends will get extra rewards:

Saving Referral

Loan Referral

5% APY for Term

10% fee for repayment

(1)Saving welfare

During the activity, the user who participates in saving for the first time will enjoy the following saving revenue. The investment amount is only 100 USDT. New users can choose any one of the following saving projects. Quantity Limited. First come first serve!

Up to 60.5% Annualized Savings>>

DeFi Pool >>

(2)1 Day Interest-free

During the activity, users that participate in loan for the first time will have 1 day interest-free, without limited currency and amount.

Loan Instruction>>

Loan for Revenue>>



  • The user can only participate in either this activity or wealth activity.
  • In-kind rewards can only be distributed in mainland China. If users in other regions receive in-kind prizes, the prizes will be converted into equivalent gat for distribution;
  • The token rewards will be delivered within 7 working days after the end of the activity, and the prize in kind will be distributed within 15 working days after the end of the activity.
  • AEX has the right to cancel a user’s entitlement to a prize if he/she gets the prize by unscrupulous means.
  • AEX reserves the ultimate right to interpret the event.

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