DeFi News: Introducing AEX & Euro “Crypto” Cup Campaign

25.06.2021 by Lida Dinnero

AEX is the world’s leading digital asset integrated service platform with the main principles of no evil, stable value, and safe investment, that was founded in 2013.

AEX team is super excited about the Euro Cup & organises Euro “Crypto” Cup Campaign with 10,000 USDT value prize pool & final tickets if you get the match-winner correct.

Promotion period: June 26 2021 — July 12 2021

🔻Activity 1:

Celebrate Euro Cup with AEX, Bet Free & Share the $10,000 prize pool

During the campaign period, new and existing users can participate in the campaign to pick the winner to divide the prize pool. (You can only pick one team in each match, and get extra bets when you complete daily tasks)

How to enter:

(the chance can only be used on the same day, which is automatically cleared at 24:00 every day):

  1. Log in to your account to get 1 chance to enter the bet.
  2. If you trade ≥ 10 USDT value, you can get 1 bet.
  3. If you trade any type of contract in the real zone, and the transaction amount is ≥ 50 USDT value, you can get 1 bet.
  4. If you deposit any currency ≥ 1, you can get 1 bet.
  5. Invest in any currency investment, you will get 1 bet.
  6. If you have any loan on the day, you can get 1 bet.
  7. A deposit in any pool of Aswap with market price ≥100 USDT
  8. Invite your friend to register to get 1 bet, with a maximum of 2 bets for this activity.

🔻Activity 2:

Win the Final Ticket, Be a Champion in AEX Euro “Crypto” Cup!

During the campaign period, participants get the match-winner correctly 4 times to enter the draw and win the European Cup Final tickets.

Lucky Draw of final tickets in 1350 USDT: July 6, 2021, 16:00 — July 9, 2021, 16:00 (UTC)


Here are some of AEX’s key features and functions on offer:

  • Crypto-to-crypto trading pairs;
  • OTC trading: Strict KYC mechanism, safe and fast One-click exchange;
  • Spot and Margin trading;
  • Wealth management supermarkets;
  • DeFi pool mining: one-click mining, high yield farming, no GAS fee;
  • Loan;
  • ASwap: Provide convenient and fast exchange and high APY liquidity mining services;
  • Contract: Safe contract trading platform with good depth and multiple risk factors control.

🔹AEX Pros

1.Transparent Fund

AEX( always adheres to the principle of neutrality and no evil. AEX has a strict fund management system, a 100% reserve fund system, open and transparent fund flow on the platform. At present, the reserve certificates of ATOM、DASH、VSYS、XTZ、XZC have been launched. All operation data should be transparent, such as Spot Trading, OTC Trading, ASwap, Pledge lending, Investment, and Staking, etc.

2. Safety Guarantee

Since its establishment in 2013, AEX has always maintained 0 serious system security accidents and has been guarding the security of user assets with 8 years of industry technology precipitation. The existing risk control measures include cold and hot wallet isolation, strict implementation of network production and development isolation, regular professional anti-penetration test, specific code access isolation, intelligent analysis system warning abnormal changes, etc.


AEX team always maintains keen market observation, can quickly feedback market demand, and launch various popular investment spot and derivative services, including DeFi plate, NFT plate, DOT ecology, Dao, DeFi pool mining, ETH joint farming, etc.

🔹A Bit of History

Founded in 2013, AEX ( is a global digital asset trading service platform dedicated to building a trustworthy digital asset bank for millions of users.

The core team of the platform is composed of senior executives from Tencent and Liebao, and has operation centres in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions.

🔹Supported Cryptocurrencies

AEX supports over 200 global high-quality blockchain projects with more than 300 trading pairs. Users on the platform have the option to trade each crypto asset against Bitcoin, and Stablecoins (e.g. USDT, CNC).

🔹AEX Trading Platform

AEX is a true, transparent, neutral, and non-evil seven-year veteran exchange for both beginners and intermediate altcoin traders. Users will need to deposit funds into an AEX account before using the trading platform.

Once the AEX account is funded, traders can open the ‘Trade’ drop down and select either the ‘Standard’ or ‘Professional’ exchange to display the live crypto charts which can be viewed as a single chart split into a quad display which is a nice feature to monitor different crypto pairs or timeframes.

The default layout displays a price chart to provide a quick overview of price action using candlesticks. The charting software and tools are provided by Tradingview, which most crypto traders will be familiar with. Users are able to draw lines, patterns and add indicators over the live price charts.

Positioned on the right is the order book and recent trades window. Traders are able to quickly see all the prices that other people are willing to buy and sell. The numbers in the middle show the last sale price and the volume or amount traded at each price level.

The order entry box at the bottom of the screen provides a quick order amount percentage (e.g. 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) to allow rapid position sizing based on the account balance.


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