GAT, an Upcoming Fashion Trend Become the Newest Darling in Platform Cryptocurrency

Although the blockchain asset market has been sluggish recently, GAT has still achieved an investment return of more than 1800%, becoming the newest darling in platform cryptocurrency and attracting more and more attention. GAT is also regarded as potential crypto with a high yield.

GAT is a cryptocurrency listed by AEX that is a digital asset exchange platform, and mainly supports the construction of the eco-system of to build a trustworthy digital asset bank. The article will introduce the basic understanding of GAT from its development, circulation, value, revenue and other aspects to give you a reference.

How does GAT become a trend?

The GAT practice has achieved great success. GAT, short for Global AEX Token, is an international general integral listed by AEX, with a total circulation of 23 billion. GAT has a share close to 58.7%(13,512,868,425 pieces)to participate in the digital financial market and circulates in spot, finance, mining, loan, and other financial derivatives, with a total value of about 4.9 billion. In terms of total investment return, GAT outperforms many platform currencies such as HT(518%), OKB(548%), GT(616%), etc. And it is only lower than the BNB(2112%) listed by Binance among the top exchanges.


AEX cracked open the door for users to obtain GAT and also build channels for them to obtain other token revenues. In operation, AEX rewards GAT to users according to their transaction activity, mining pool contribution, and value sharing, etc, which maximizes the fair acquisition of GAT and liquidity improvement. On the one hand, AEX accelerates GAT from the beginning of the output to interact with various cryptocurrencies through announcing the GAT trading sequence of spot trading. On the other hand, various financial services such as Mortgage and Saving not only reward GAT to AEX users in the form of commission charges and mining revenue but also provide greater space for GAT value-added.

  • Vitality Contribution: Users who participate in specific trading can automatically get GAT, which promotes the circulation of GAT in liquidity mining.
  • Consensus Consolidation: You can get more GAT by holding GAT in finance management. The greater the total lock-up amount, the higher the user recognition.
  • Brand influence raises: The sharing principle of GAT eco-value makes brand communication behaviors done by users more valuable. If you recommend others to participate in the AEX business, you can get additional GAT revenue.

In the past few years, AEX has achieved success again and again from a number of GAT-related business model innovations. For example, ASwap, multi-chain liquidity mining products that users can participate in on other chains, have become a benefits module with great participation for GAT eco-users. Participants can enjoy double the benefits of rising GAT prices and increasing the number of GAT.

GAT has a clear right and high practical value

As the value carrier of the AEX trading eco-system, GAT is given priority to show its value in the AEX trading. GAT can not only use for rights empowerment, reward settlement, transaction recording, and so on, but also represent the acquisition of new cryptocurrencies and Defi voting rights, value-added rights, and other rights. GAT users can be regarded as a special VIP of AEX, enjoying asset value-added and various revenue dividends on AEX, including but not limited to the following situations:

  • Deduction Fee: GAT can be used to deduct the withdrawal fee on AEX.
  • Trading Pairs: GAT will be used as the unit of account to support a variety of popular spot trading. GAT acts as intermediary crypto equal to USDT/BTC, creating a bridge between spot trading.
  • Priority Right: Part of welfare activities in AEX will be based on GAT, and users with GAT can participate in priority.
  • Community Value-added service: GAT will be used for a variety of value-added services in the AEX community.

AEX Value guarantee mechanism escort GAT

No matter which module, of course, participants look forward to the continued value-added of GAT. GAT has the function of finance interaction and platform rights. AEX has also set up a deflation mechanism and price equilibrium mechanism to improve GAT value.

The Total GAT Destruction Trend Chart

The Total GAT (million)

In terms of supply and demand, AEX will regularly repurchase 50% of the unilateral trading fee to ensure the scientificity in the AEX market circulation; The destruction mechanism promotes GAT deflation to put market tokens into a state where demand exceeds supply. (GAT)Equity holders reaped the value-added in the repurchase and the increase in the proportion of equity(Decrease in the total amount).

In revenue, the GAT community has reached a fair consensus, which helps users who are in different stages to obtain ideal benefits. for example, early users may obtain a large amount of GAT in liquidity mining; at the same time, the latter may obtain a small amount of GAT with a high yield due to the deflationary effect caused by repurchase.

AEX represents the cutting-edge strength in the upgrading of exchanges to commercial banks, with substantial innovation in the service model, asset diversity, and cryptocurrency circulation. Diversified financial models have mobilized the enthusiasm of GAT traders and liquidity providers; Multi-value guarantee mechanisms make users possess stable benefits; The introduction of more DeFi projects will attract considerable eco-contributors to circulate GAT. At present, GAT had over 12 eco-construction achievements and more eco-construction plans will be launched in the near future.

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