New AEX Savings Adds Staking Products, Easier for Perpetual Earning

On October 27th, AEX Savings was upgraded to officially launch the staking products and introduce the perpetual token earning mechanism. AEX Savings has formed a multi-finance model ecology including fixed-term, current, DeFi pool, staking, etc., providing users with different kinds of coin earning channels. Each financial scenario has a corresponding investment cycle and rate of return. Users only need to deposit tokens to get the agreed expected return.

After the upgrade of AEX Saving, users who participate in DeFi Pool and Staking can earn tokens forever. After subscribing to the product, the subscribed principal will be automatically renewed when the 10-day lock-up period expires, and the renewed principal will no longer be counted as a lock-up period. Users can continue to earn financial income without reinvestment, making investment more convenient and liquid.

Staking is a way to earn tokens by putting cryptocurrencies into mining nodes for collateral mining, the size of the earnings is under the influence of both the number of pledged tokens and the lock-up time. AEX selects quality projects with the purpose to make users participate in one-stop blockchain node mining with various POS and DPOS consensus mechanisms.

DeFi Pool supporting tokens are more open, including MDX, SOL, TLM, ALICE and other popular tokens. AEX will be intelligently scheduled to the best yield tokens for liquidity mining to enhance user earnings. The APY is dynamically adjusted according to the market, and there are coins that even exceed 100%.

Fixed Savings and Demand Savings are similar to traditional bank savings which offer basic finance businesses. Fixed Savings supports mainstream tokens such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. The period is mostly 30 days and 90 days, and the income is paid out on maturity. For Demand Savings, the principal can be deposited and withdrawn at any time, and the assets can be dispatched freely.

The AEX Exchange 100% reserve system ensures smooth cash withdrawals for investors. Since its launch, the AEX Savings product has operated safely for about 1,000 days, with cumulative user investments reaching $13.8 billion, earning a total of $78.3 million, and benefiting over 13,200 people. AEX Savings 160,000 GAT airdrop is in full swing. Crypto asset holders have the right to split the benefits, all of which can be experienced.

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