Poly Network Asset Valued $610 Million Was Stolen


Poly Network, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, was suddenly attacked by a hacker in the late evening of August 10. Hackers stole digital assets valued $250 million, $270 million, and $85 million in the three mainstream integration ecosystems separately, with a loss of 610 million, which is the most serious hacker event in cryptocurrency history.

Cross-chain has become hackers’ “sweet pastry” with the gradual stabilization of multi-chain patterns, so projects, auditing firms, and users need to be on the guard for security.

Founded in 2013, AEX is a world-leading digital asset commercial bank and has never triggered any severe system security incident since its establishment. With the technological maturation accumulated in the past eight years, it can keep user assets safe and secure around the clock. some examples of its existing risk control measures include the separation between hot and cold wallets, strict isolation of network production and research, professional anti-penetration tests on a regular basis, access isolation for specific codes, and intelligent analysis of early warnings and abnormal changes in the system.

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