【Product Introduction】About AEX DeFi Pool

1. What is AEX DeFi pool?

It allows users to participate in DeFi liquid mining through an agent, realizes income acquisition and distribution for users, and helps users participate in DeFi with one click.

2. What is AEX’s process?

To DeFi Project Screening — Code Audit —Risk Assessment — Withdraw and Sale — Distribution of Income

3. The advantages of AEX DeFi mining pool?

  • Guaranteed capital and interest
  • No Gas fee
  • 10 days short-term investment
  • Super high APY rewards
  • One-click to participate
  • Professional and reliable

4. Why choose AEX ?

  • Professional and reliable: the platform has been operating steadily for 8 years, the common choice of over one million users! In 2020, the platform has created more than $60 million for wealth management users . The accumulated wealth management investment exceeded $9.1 billion
  • Super high yield: flexible financial currency term, over many currencies to choose from, the annualized income ranges from 10–500%!
  • Guaranteed capital and interest: AEX promises 100% principal guarantee for all mining projects that users participate in. In the event of a mining principal loss, AEX Aex will cover the whole process.
  • Simple participation: One-stop service allows users to easily join the DeFi mining army. As long as they participate in the AEX security machine gun pool business, they can easily join DeFi pool.
  • NO GAS fee: All GAS handling fees on the chain are exempted, which will be borne by AEX.
  • Mining with peace of mind: AEX has been operating smoothly for 8 years, allowing users to participate in DeFi liquidity mining in the safest and simplest way!

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