【Product Introduction】About AEX DeFi Pool

1. What is AEX DeFi pool?

2. What is AEX’s process?

3. The advantages of AEX DeFi mining pool?

  • No Gas fee
  • 7 days short-term investment
  • Super high APY rewards
  • One-click to participate
  • Professional and reliable

4. Why choose AEX ?

from https://www.aex.com/page/financing_market.html#/
  • Professional and reliable: the platform has been operating steadily for 8 years, the common choice of over one million users! In 2020, the platform has created more than $60 million for wealth management users . The accumulated wealth management investment exceeded $9.1 billion
  • Super high yield: flexible financial currency term, over many currencies to choose from, the annualized income ranges from 10–500%!
  • Guaranteed capital and interest: AEX promises 100% principal guarantee for all mining projects that users participate in. In the event of a mining principal loss, AEX Aex will cover the whole process.
  • Simple participation: One-stop service allows users to easily join the DeFi mining army. As long as they participate in the AEX security machine gun pool business, they can easily join DeFi pool.
  • NO GAS fee: All GAS handling fees on the chain are exempted, which will be borne by AEX.
  • Mining with peace of mind: AEX has been operating smoothly for 8 years, allowing users to participate in DeFi liquidity mining in the safest and simplest way!

AEX Team

AEX: Your Best Asset Guardian

About AEX:
AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and digital currency trading since 2013.

Contact us:
Website: https://www.aex.cool/#/en
Twitter: @aexplus
Medium: aexplus
Facebook:AEX Exchange
LinkedIn: AEX Exchange
Weibo: AEX安银


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