With 8 years of Trials And Hardships, AEX Builds the Most Trusted Exchange for Users

Exchanges are a central place for users to realize value exchange and are attracting more and more asset storage. Historically, Mt. Gox, Youbit, Coincheck, Binance, etc. have been hacked and their digital assets were damaged, and some have even been forced to shut down due to their inability to payout. What kind of exchanges are reliable and safe? AEX Exchange, baptized by 8 years of time, gives a great answer.

Since its establishment in 2013, AEX has always maintained a record of zero cases of serious system security incidents, which has attracted peers attention and praise. It gives users the ultimate secure and encrypted investment experience through a full range of measures including system security, token audit, login security, hardware security, account security, risk management, etc.

For 8 years, AEX security prevention and control has kept hackers out and never had a coin theft incident. The account information has never been leaked, giving no opportunity for information fraud to take advantage of.

AEX has strict scrutiny of the listing tokens, for the purpose of preventing the risk of tokens returning to zero. Capital management supervises the users’ digital assets and even managers are unable to misappropriate user assets.

In addition, AEX Exchange also actively embraces regulation (such as the US MSB license) and operates in compliance with government regulation everywhere. With a platform with a safe investment environment like AEX, users do not need to worry about the reliability of the platform, the privacy of information, the security of the digital currency, and the liquidity of the assets, they just need to focus more on how to steadily increase the value of their assets.

AEX Operation Team

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